About Armstrong Homes

Thanks for visiting. Better yet, come see in person, stare at our finishing touches, our impeccable craftsmanship and unique architecture that gives each of our homes real style and class. I am confident you will be pleased with our building process. It is my goal to provide you with as much information as possible to make a well-informed decision about purchasing a new home. A new home is probably the largest purchase you will ever make, and I feel it should be a pleasant, enjoyable, and confident experience.

For Armstrong Homes, quality is not only in the items you see, but in the total confidence you have in me – your personal builder. In addition, quality is in the confidence you have in your new home. Quality is defined as follows:

  • peculiar and essential character
  • an inherent feature
  • degree of excellence
  • superiority in kind

As the owner and builder of Armstrong Homes, I am committed to the “Quality” of your new home. However, the word “Quality” can be perceived in many different ways, and to everyone it may have a different meaning.

Remember, relax, take your time, and do some homework. I look forward to visiting with you in person and showing you our work. You’ll discover why Armstrong Homes is your personal builder you can trust.

Armstrong Homes CEO, David Armstrong