One of goals we had when I founded Armstrong Homes in 1991 was to stake my name on perhaps what is the singles largest investment for any individual or family. The home is so important, and it’s comfort, security, operating costs and future are of paramount importance to me. My name is out there, and I build on reputation.I want to oversee each phase of your new home, from the ground up. Each stage of construction must be done to the standards we have, period.We do not sacrifice quantity over quality, and yet we control costs to make sure that we deliver value. In other words, quality does not cost, it pays! Our relationship is based on clear communication. In fact, I give you my mobile phone number so that if you have a question, before, during, or even after you move in, you’ll be able to talk to me. I visit each home we build just about every day. It’s part of the quality control that sets Armstrong Homes from the rest of the builders, and allows us to say, Your Personal Builder.